What Is Awesome180?

Awesome180 is for people who feel that their life is in a rut, nothing is changing or going according to plan. For those who feel that they are not living up to their full abilities. For those clawing their way up in life but find themselves sliding back down.

Ashdin Doctor (the founder of Awesome180) believes that these changes cannot take place till one’s “Foundation Fundamentals” are taken care of. These “Foundation Fundamentals” include:

  • Sleep (quality of deep sleep, not quantity of sleep)
  • Nutrition (not diet)
  • Movement (not exercise)
  • De-stressing
  • Hydration and Breathing


How many of these 5 fundamentals are you strong at? Chances are 1 or 2.

Chances are you realised 2 or 3 of these are weak or non-existent!

Chances are you tried to make changes in these 2 or 3 fundamentals but nothing changed.

What Is Habit Coaching:

At Awesome180 we believe that until these 5 Foundation Fundamentals are turned into a set of habits, that repeat through the day sub-consciously, nothing will change. Habits are the cornerstone to making sure these changes stick.

The initial days of setting up the habit is tough, where we hand hold you through the process, one on one coaching. Once the habit has caught on, then there is very little motivation, discipline or drive needed to sustain it.

180 days is all that it takes to master and set these habits. We spend 30 days focusing on one habit at a time. While science says it takes 21 days to set a habit…we are all human and need those buffer days! The last 30 days are spent fine tuning each set habit.

Each habit is linked to a carefully selected trigger or cue. These lifestyle cues are universal. The habits themselves are chosen keeping the latest science backed tools like HRV (heart rate variability), Bio-hacks to optimise our biology, habit stacking and Dynamic Cueing. Each habit has the ability to be measured and quantified if needed, so that you can view progress over time.

The beauty of Awesome180 is that the habits have various stages, starting from basic steps, to increasingly more effective and complex routines. Thus, no matter where you start, there is opportunity to grow.

Example of De-stressing as a habit:

We all know the things we should be doing to de-stress, however how many of us can convert it into a habit? A habit that can be executed every single day without much effort.

Let’s take the gratitude exercise as a basic de-stressing habit. All we need is a small diary and a pen.

In this diary we write about 3 things that we are grateful for. Science has shown that just writing the words “I am grateful for….” has a big impact on the parasympathetic nervous system. These govern our stress response. So start maintaining a gratitude journal from today. However we will often forget to write in it after a few days. So the best way to implement a gratitude journal is by turning it into a habit, as follows:

  • Leave this diary on top of your phone at night. So in the morning before reaching for the phone you are forced to pick up the diary and write in it. Write 3 things you are grateful for.
  • Before going to bed the diary will be occupying the place of the phone, so pick it up and write about one small win you had. Something great that happened to you, or something that you had been putting off for a while and finally got around to doing. Put the diary on top of your charging phone.

The gratitude diary will be just one of the many tiny simple habits (known as micro habits)that we would incorporate into the De-stress routine. The cumulative effect would create a huge impact on one’s stress level.

This stress can then be measured using an HRV monitor that tells you about your body’s sympathetic (fight or flight) or parasympathetic (rest and digest) system. And how well you are coping with the stress.

Once the basic habits are in place we move to more advanced habits like mindfulness and meditation. This step by step approach is what we have seen as being the most efficient, instead of starting off with something hard and then failing at it.

At Awesome180 we specialise in making sure these Foundation Fundamentals get converted into habits, through One on One habit coaching. Making it a change that can be maintained for life, on your path to Awesomeness.



People who go through the Awesome180 process find themselves

  1. Having more energy
  2. Being more productive at work
  3. Losing weight and getting fitter
  4. Improving their relationships
  5. Taking control of their day

So take our Quiz and see where you are today with regards to your foundation fundamentals or get in touch and lets start creating your amazing habits!