Being a hyper active, hyper mobile, adventurous and generally a fit person, I thought I had it all under control until I met Ashdin. He has a very scientific approach to everything unlike me. I just wanted to do things because they exited or challenged me. But he made me think differently. He managed to convince me to drop the sweet poison (sugar) from my life. Even though I didn’t need it in my tea or coffee there was a lot of incidental sugar going in. This was a start to an awesome friendship and the changes it brought about in my life. Changes like – sleep pattern, eating clean, meditating, believing in me more than anyone did, always encouraging to learn more. And the list can go on. Thank you Ashdin for bringing these changes in my life and making it more meaningful.

Sheetal Kotkar

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I tried 3 day, 5 day, any day diets. Even tried hypnosis and all the self help books imaginable. yet, the weight wouldn’t come off. When I approached Ashdin, the first thing he did was Believe in me even when I didn’t believe in myself. Honestly I stuck to the program because after so many years of people telling me I couldn’t do it, here was a friend believing that could. Ashdin has been super patient with incessant questions from my end on what, when and how to eat. Furthermore, he genuinely wants to help you and I found that immensely refreshing. Eternally grateful to be on this journey with Ash and hope to achieve a lot more together.

Avan Edibam

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Awesome180 has been a very interesting and eye opening experience for me. Ashdin is extremely well informed and explains things in detail easily and also gives options that can be sustained for the long term. I would advise everyone to take this journey to be a superior version of oneself and with someone like Ashdin as your wingman, the ride will be Awesome.

Jay Sagar

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