What Is The Best Time To Eat Fruits?

Written by on April 20, 2018

When is a good time to eat fruits?

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It’s mango season and I am sure you are wolfing down as many of the golden fruits as possible. For breakfast, lunch and dinner!

But are fruits really better than other sweet dishes?

Many low carbohydrate/ calorie junkies avoid fruits all together. This is because fruits are packed full of sugar. However, unlike that brownie or cupcake, they are also packed full of nutrients that your body needs, a cup of mangos has your total body’s daily requirement of vitamin C.

So how do you get the nutrients without worrying about the sugar in the fruit? You eat them when your body is the most receptive to fruit sugar.

#GeekFact Fruits contain a kind of sugar called fructose. Which gets metabolised in the liver and if not used immediately, gets stored as ……*drum roll*….FAT! This is because Fructose is not the body’s prefered energy source like glucose (which comes from starchy carbohydrates). Glucose gets stored in the muscles as well as the liver.

The key words here are “if not used immediately”. Which means that if you eat a fruit and quickly use up the energy…you get the nutrients without the fat.

  1. Pre-Workout: So these little sugar bombs make the ideal Pre-workout, Pre-run, Pre-game….snack. As the body uses this free floating sugar before it gets a chance to be stored away.
    1. That means, all of us who have been eating bananas post our workouts have been doing it all wrong!
    2. Eat them before you head to the gym
  2. First thing in the morning: The best time of day to eat fruits are when your body has been at rest and your free-floating energy has been consumed. The body is craving energy to maintain it’s functioning. Hence, when you wake up from your sleep in the morning. A glass of water and a fruit is the best way to start your day.

So quit having a bowl of fruits for lunch or having that fruit juice during the day. It’s not as good as you may think!

Do share this with friends who love their fruits, or tell me which are your favourite fruits to eat!

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