3 Way To Super Charge Your Coffee

Written by on July 2, 2018

If you don’t like drinking coffee or tea in the morning…stop reading this now! 🙂 Read this instead. 3 Caffeine Free Ways to Jump Start Your Morning

This is for all those coffee and tea lovers. I am one of you! Caffeine is goooooooood! 🙂 It makes the day go right. It sets you up to conquer! Ok, enough about that. Here are three ways to make that cuppa joe or oolong even better!

  1. Stop adding milk and sugar: I was a man that liked his tea milky and sweet. 2 tablespoons (the big ones) sweet.  It took me a while to start drinking black coffee and tea. It’s a hard journey to undertake but one that is full of benefits.

    The issue with milk is that it spikes your insulin as soon as you wake up. Kick starting the digestive processes and causing all sorts of havoc internally. Chances are you feel that acidic heavy burn after you drink your milky coffee or tea. That disappears when it’s black or green. Milk also attaches to the polyphenols in the coffee and tea, nullifying their beneficiary effects!

    The sugar is plain poison, it masks the beautiful taste of coffee and tea. Sugar is our go-to drug of choice it makes us feel good for little bit and then makes us feel low later. 
  2. Try Cold Brews: If you want to up the game, this is it. Cold brew coffee and tea (yes tea too) are super easy to make at home. They taste amazing, with a wide spectrum of flavours. The beauty here is that the tea or coffee is not heated. But allowed to steep overnight in water. Thus extracting the flavours and caffeine without the acids!

    Most people do not like coffee or tea because of the bitter taste and the acidic feeling. This gets rid of both! Its as simple as putting the coffee grounds or tea in a litre of water and allowing it to sit overnight or for 24 hours. There are a lot of recipes on Youtube. The end result is pure joy!

  3. Bulletproof it: Adding Butter to tea or coffee was common practice in Nepal and in the Himalayas. It was popularised by Dave Asprey as the BulletProof coffee. Simply blend some good quality ghee or butter into your coffee or tea. I know I know it sounds horrible…. Till you try it! It froths up like a cappuccino and tastes exactly like one! I have many friends who are now converts. Want to make it fancy? Get some cacao butter and add it to the coffee!

    The fat from the coffee makes it a power packed Cuppa! Full of energy and healthy fats! Chances are you won’t need your breakfast after this…and that is okay!

Don’t stick to the same old coffee you have made for year…try something new and power pack your day!

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