100 day sugar challenge

Written by on April 20, 2018

100 Day Sugar free Challenge

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This is going to be my 6th round of the “100 day no sugar challenge”. It has been a fantastic experience. Let me tell you how it started.

About a year and a half ago, I had just begun down my fitness journey. I was talking to a friend who mentioned a close friend of hers was addicted to Coca-Cola. She would drink 2 liters of the stuff everyday! That is just plain crazy. So, to get over this addiction she had begun the “100 day no sugar challenge”.

I thought, what better way to keep her motivated, than to join her in the challenge. It is one thing for a close friend to join, in order to keep one motivated. It is something else to be accountable to a complete stranger (me).

The most amazing things began to happen:

Week 1: For the first time you begin to read labels of packaged food. You suddenly realise just how much sugar is there in almost everything we eat! Things that you would not suspect have sugar in them! Worst of all, your staples, things you love and can’t live without have sugar. For me it was peanut butter and tomato ketchup.

Week 2: You make your first mistake, you accidentally/ absentmindedly eat something you were not supposed to. Guilt overcomes you. Soon you begin to double check everything you eat. Week 2 gets you conscious about what you are eating! Your family and friends will think you are mad. And make big eyes as they tell you sugar is essential for life! (Which i can guarantee you it isn’t)

Week 3: This week is craaaaazy! The sugar is leaving your blood, your body and you begin to get withdrawal symptoms. You get insane cravings, of things you aren’t necessarily fond of either! Oh! and the worst, sugar enters your dreams. Being chased by a cupcake, or accidentally eating sugar in your dream and feeling bad about it. The list goes on.

Week 4-5: The cravings are gone… the sugar is gone, you feel free. Life is better.

Week 6- 8: You notice changes in your body, you lose weight, you skin feels tighter, there is a glow on your face. Strangely you feel more energetic than you did before giving up sugar. People start noticing these changes and ask you about them. Maintaining the no sugar life is easier, you have figured out work arounds for your staples (I made ketchup and peanut butter at home).

Week 9- 15: It’s easy peasy! Nothing to it. However… you will begin to look at people eating desserts in a strange way. Post dinner if someone asks you if you would like ice cream (My weakness) or a pastry (not so crazy about); your involuntary response will be a shocked, “what is wrong with you!!!” face.

At the end of the day, it is only a 100 days out of your life. A life full of sugar, sweets.

It’s not a punishment. The opposite is true, it is a cleanse and will change your life for the better. Trust me.

There is a reason for this being my sixth time. There is a reason why people who have done the challenge with me in the past jump on the opportunity to do it again.

We have a fantastic support group on Facebook of 80+ people who want to take part in the challenge. Linked here Sugar Free Thrive. So click on the link and Join, I begin my 100 days this friday, 6th May, start with me.

Being sugar free is a subject I am very passionate about. I wish you would join in on the challenge and see the change for yourself!

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