Dance as movement

Written by on May 29, 2018

‘A..B..C..D. Any Body Can Dance’, ‘Shall We Dance?’ Movies, television or even songs keep telling us to dance, making us move in our own time and space. Have you ever noticed that when you dance you feel great? A random dance move when you get ready for work or when you hear a tune you like.

Your body craves movement. It is energised by these moves that music inspires from us.

Random movements make us not just happy, but also physically more active.

It pushes you out of your comfort zone, when you gather the courage to step into a dance class? Sweaty palms before entering and absolute panic during the first class.

As adults learning something new is never easy, even something as simple as these random movements to a rhythm. The brain goes into panic mode, the tiredness is mental fatigue, from trying to focus and coordinate the body’s movement. Our legs seem to have a mind of their own. “Why will my left leg not listen to what I am saying!??!?!?!”

The coordinated movement is creating new neural pathways (developing the nervous system). The more of the same movement you do, the better and stronger this neural pathway develops.

Dance is good for our brain! New neurons and instructors develop so we can slowly match rhythm with movement. This improves our brain to body coordination as well as pushes away neurodegenerative diseases.

It also makes the brain reverse its aging process; which is why people, (especially our aged) say “I feel young” when they dance unabashedly.

Our body was never meant to sit behind a desk or in front of a television. It is supposed to move through our daily activities. Movements like walking, running and dancing are all necessary for our overall well being.

Dancing releases endorphins that improve our mood and make us happy.

Every culture has some form of dance as an integral part of its history and is the easiest way of establishing social interactions. It is a break from the daily activity and helps to de-stress.

So let us try this: Dance like no one’s watching. Be it 10 minutes alone in the kitchen or with your family in the living room, take some time out everyday and bring movement to your life. If you want a real challenge, then step into a dance class.

So… Shall we dance?

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