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Written by on April 20, 2018

Success = Consistency = Habits

Ever wonder what determines success? Success at work, our relationships with friends, intimate relationships, health and fitness or social impact!

Success is a sum total of all the little little things we do everyday…every single day. These consistent actions are what we call Habits. Habits make us and habits break us.

Why we at “Awesome180” love habits:

Difficult To Start, Easy To Maintain

Habits are actions that we agonised over at one point of time but no more. When we were learning how to tie our shoelaces or drive, we agonised over each and every little movement made. But now, it functions on auto pilot. This means that we first have to agonise over whatever change we wish to make; I mean really think through and deep dive into it! This is the hard part. At Awesome180 we have looked at the research, spent a lot of time agonising over how each action can be turned into a habit. E.g. We have a whole set of easy micro habits to be done before bedtime for that all important deep sleep.

Require No WIll Power

Habits are actions that we perform sub-consciously. We do not think before holding the toothpaste in our left hand, unscrewing the cap with the right hand and squeezing it out onto our toothbrush. We don’t think about which shoelace we tie first. The habit has turned into a mindless process. The beauty of a habit is that it requires no additional brain power or willpower to execute. E.g. People with a habit of walking at 6 a.m. use none of their will power to haul themselves out of bed to go walk. It is just a habit that they follow!

Allow Us To Focus On The Important Aspects Of Life

Habits are actions that make living easy. The prefrontal cortex  of our brain (energy hungry part) is no longer required in the decision making process. This frees it up for the important things like social interaction and decision making. E.g. Ever wondered why Steve Jobs wore the same clothes everyday? Now we are not suggesting you ditch the wardrobe and become monochromatic…just yet.

Try this simple habit trick today! Every morning as you start brushing your teeth, do 20 squats. It’s so simple! That is already more movement than you would normally get, done and over with first thing in the morning.

Happy habiting! 🙂

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