What is your power pose?

Written by on December 10, 2019

In today’s day and age of text message communication, we miss out and misinterpret meanings of conversations. We rely so heavily on emoji to try and get our point across!

Kids growing up in this instant message generation are facing issues with being able to communicate and talk face to face. As social animals, this is an essential skill for all humans to have!

While how we feel is reflected in our body language there is a very important reverse loop that takes place as well. Where how we hold our bodies affects how we feel and our mood!

This is a fascinating study on the way our hormones are affected by different arm positions and body positions. Imagine being able to change the way you feel in an instant just by the way you carry yourself.

This was such a powerful concept that it launched Amy Cuddy and her TED talk, It was the second most watched Ted Talk ever.

However in recent times this concept of body posture affecting the way we feel is highly controversial as a few studies have come out disproving it. While a few later on proved the theory once again.

Controversy aside it’s a very empowering concept. The concept here is about Power Posing. Power poses are those poses that make you feel in control, make you feel like a winner, make you feel like you own the room. They are characterized by the arms being in the air overhead in what is classically a winner’s position. Think a sportsman punching the air after winning.

Another power pose is arms on the waist and chest puffed out. Think Superman or wonder woman standing. It is a show of power and confidence.

Imagine how you would feel standing like that. Try it out right now!

Now imagine the opposite, imagine sitting down, hunched over, eyes drooping looking at the floor, shoulders caved in. How would you be feeling? Do you feel confident or beaten up?

Power posing makes a big impact in the way you feel and the way you are perceived by others. Others respond to the energy you put out! So making sure you project confidence is essential.

Everytime you feel down and beaten. Stand up, take a wide stance with your feet, puff your chest up, put your arms on your hips, look up toward the edge of the room where the ceiling and wall join up.

You can switch it by putting your hands overhead, forming the shape of the letter Y. Hold this position for two minutes, set a timer on your phone or watch. See how you feel!

Do this before an important meeting, before going on a date. I always always do this before recording my podcasts or meeting my clients. I stand in the toilet cubicle if I have to but I always do it. It makes me feel great and that feeling is contagious.

So your super simple habit to getting that confidence is to practice power posing each day for just two minutes. Do this as soon as you enter work. Or every afternoon after lunch.

Remember the way your body moves is the way your mind feels!